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Our Partners

Integrated HR Solutions has developed relationships with several other providers of business products and services.These alliances ensure that Integrated HR Solutions is able to provide you with the assistance you require.


Recent Projects

Here is a sample of some of our past projects:

  • HR mentoring and locum services for residential aged care employer
  • Single Enterprise Agreement for a fabrication business
  • Business Services Manager Locum for a Registered Training Organisation
  • Employment Conditions Focus Group for a tertiary education institution
  • Executive Management Employment Package for a regional tourism facility
  • Training Officer Locum for a national manufacturing organisation
  • EEO and Conflict Training for Supervisors of a national manufacturing organisation
  • Rehabilitation & Return To Work Coordinator Locum for a social services organisation
  • Workplace Health & Safety Officer Locum for a social services organisation
  • WHS Compliance Audit for an educational institution
  • Executive Recruitment Selection panel member for a community based health care service
  • Series of public presentations for employers on the Fair Work Act 2009
  • Development and delivery of a training package on Employment Legislation and Modern Awards for a State industry association
  • Development and delivery of a training package on EEO and Workplace Diversity for a State industry association


Coming Events

From time to time Integrated HR Solutions will conduct presentations, seminars and training that will be of interest to you. Upcoming events include:

  • Check back for upcoming events


Seminars & Presentations

Integrated HR Solutions can present on a range of subjects that will assist you to maintain compliance and improve your business. Information can be delivered either as short presentations, seminars or workshops, so talk to us about your requirements. Below are some of the topics we have found are most relevant:

  • Compliance In Employment - "During 2009-10, the Fair Work Ombudsman..recovered $26,195,656 for 16,088 employees, finalised 21,070 investigations from complaints, responded to 1,108,648 telephone enquiries [and] secured $2,019,755 in court-awarded penalties " (Fair Work Ombudsman Annual Report 2009-10) Compliance with employment legislation is essential in reducing risk to business. This presentation explains what compliance is, the business reasons for complying and some ways we can ensure compliance with employment law.
  • Overview Of The Fair Work Act - A brief look at some of the main changes brought about by the introduction of the Fair Work Act
  • 10 Steps To A Fair Dismissal - Avoiding making a termination "harsh, unjust or unreasonable" isn't as hard as you may think. This presentation discusses some of the termination requirements of the Fair Work Act, explains the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code, and provides a simple plan for employers to avoid problems when dismissing employees.
  • Employment Record Keeping Requirements - "Record keeping and payslip contraventions were common findings" (Fair Work Ombudsman Annual Report 2009-10) This presentation explains the types of records you are obligated to keep under the Fair Work Act and includes the form of employment records generally, what information you need to include on a pay slip and required information concerning termination of employment.
  • Understanding Flexibility Arrangements In Modern Awards - What are the options for making individual arrangements with employees? With the demise of individual workplace agreements, it is perhaps more difficult to agree to working arrangements which better suit individual workers and their employers. This presentation discusses the options for employers and employees to have individual arrangements concerning some employment conditions under the modern award system.
  • The Most Common Employment Mistakes - Murphy's Law of Employment states "Anything that can go wrong with an employee will go wrong eventually". This presentation identifies some of the most common mistakes made by employers in the employment relationship and offers some advice on how they can be avoided.
  • A Case For Policies & Procedures - Why do we need company policy and procedures? What policies should we have? This presentation covers the reasons why corporate policies and procedures are essential for any business and what policies we should have in place to not only improve business processes but also to minimise exposure to risk.
  • Turning Around Employee Turnover - With employee turnover costs estimated to be anywhere from 30% of annual salary to as high as 400%, employee turnover can be one of the largest costs in a business, yet it's also one of the most overlooked. This presentation discusses employee turnover and its financial and other costs to your business, the warning signs to look out for and some strategies for reducing your turnover rate.
  • What's Wrong With My Employee? - Unsatisfactory performance is the gap between the actual performance of an employee and the level of performance that is required by an organisation. This presentation identifies some of the causes of poor employee performance and provides some strategies for taking remedial action to address performance problems.
  • Dealing With Problem Employees - Performance counselling is one task often avoided by managers. This presentation covers the basics of effective counseling and disciplining of employees, when to counsel and what this generally involves and when to discipline employees and what disciplinary actions may include.
  • What Would You Do If Your CEO Was Hit By A Bus? - Succession In Your Business - Some things you need to consider for effective succession planning inn your business
  • Investing In Individual Employees - Employee development plans are both misunderstood and underused in most businesses.This presentation explains the difference between performance improvement plans for underperforming employees and development plans which maximise an employee's performance for the benefit of both the employee and the business and also provides guidance on developing performance through the use of individual employee development plans.
  • Improving Performance Management Skills For Line Managers - Do your managers understand company policies and procedures and how to apply these in line with equity and procedural fairness principles? Do your managers understand the importance of always acting fairly and consistently? Dealing with poor performance can be one of the most challenging parts of a manager's job and is often one area for which they are ill prepared. This presentation presents a case for providing training to line managers and supervisors on how to manage employee performance, and provides an overview of what that training should cover.
  • What Do You Ask A Referee? - Checking references and qualifications is just one step in the recruitment and selection process, but arguably one of the most important. This presentation looks at going further than the standard checklist when checking prospective employees references and what to do when discrepancies arise.
  • People Leave Managers, Not Companies - A look at the effects of micromanagement and strategies to deal with micromanagers
  • Reducing Employment Costs By Retaining Key Staff - Customising and segmenting retention strategies to account for employee variables
  • HR & WHS - Working Together - Will integrating the functions of HR and WHS help you to achieve a better safety culture in your business?
  • 10 Commandments Of WHS Due Diligence - Much is said about due diligence, but what is it and how does it apply to work health and safety. This presentation explains due diligence and provides a simple approach, the 10 Commandments of WHS Due Diligence, on how it can be applied in your business to assist in compliance and improving your safety performance.